Thief Alarm - Burglar Alert App Reviews

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Too simple

Should be a free app


Call the Cops, I was Robbed! Ok it works, but if it goes to sleep anyone can just pick it up and go! Have fun, but save your money!

Good, cheap, basic alarm app

This is a good app. Cheap and very basic. Does the job but could be better. The delay from picking up the device to the alarm sounding is too long. If that was adjustable from 1-10 seconds I would add a star. The only option other than their default alarm (gunshot + police lights and alarms sounds) is to record something in your own voice. Ability to post a text message of user choosing would be big help and would result in 1/2 star more.

Wont work

Tried another just like this and it wont work either. Please help, especially since I did pay for both. Thanks

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